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International Networking Forum on Aircraft and Aerospace Coating

New: IntAIRCOAT Videos

You are interested in seeing the presentations from the IntAIRCOAT conference 2015 in Vienna, Austria?

Available presentations are:
  • UV Inkjet – Future technologies for aviation – applied today (Mankiewicz)
  • Maintenance and OEM: current trends, environmental issues and the differences (Eirtech Aviation)
  • Novel functional coatings for prevention of ice-accretion and insect-contamination (Airbus Operations, Fraunhofer IFAM)
  • Basecoat / clearcoat – Evolution or revolution (The Boeing Company)
  • Laser coating removal robot (LCR Systems)
» Please click here to see the videos!


May 2017, Dublin (Ireland)

The next IntAIRCOAT conference will be taking place in May 2017 in Dublin. Attendees will have the chance to visit the Eirtech Aviation hangar at the Dublin Airport. Further information to follow soon.

Guided Tour at Eirtech Aviation

The hangar in Dublin is particularly notable for its capacity to process very large aircraft in a closed hall. It can accommodate all aircraft – not just the Airbus A380 and the Boeing 747-600 and it can process a Boeing 747-400 in just seven days. Take the opportunity and visit the Eirtech Aviation hangar at the Dublin Airport during IntAIRCOAT 2017. The guided tour will be taking place the day before the conference starts.


IntAIRCOAT is the forum for everything related to aircraft coating. This biennial event provides a platform for experts to discuss the highly specific requirements of this application area and to share their knowledge in this field. It is attended by representatives from aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus and Boeing, the various airlines, maintenance, repair and overhaul facilities as well as coatings manufacturers, machinery makers, and the field of research.

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