7 – 8 May 2015

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International Networking Forum on Aircraft and Aerospace Coating

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7-8 May 2015 in Vienna, Austria
Conference Venue: NH Vienna Airport Hotel

Sustainability and Automation:
Get ready for the new trends in aircraft coating

Including guided tour at Austrian Technik Bratislava!

Scope of the conference

The coating of an aircraft has to accomplish many different tasks. It must protect the surface from corrosion, rain, sunlight or wind and should be applied using efficient, economically sound, and environment friendly processes. IntAIRCOAT covers all the relevant aspects of the coating for aircrafts. Discover the latest technological advances, discuss future developments with some of the most influential experts in the field of aircraft coating and make use of new sustainable materials and procedures.

Airlines and MRO as well as their suppliers are facing many challenges. One of the most pressing and heavily discussed topics is REACH with its many requirements and implications. How can companies avoid the grounding of their aircrafts due to violation of REACH? Which approved materials should they use? And how will the new specifications affect maintenance?

Another subject of discussion at the IntAIRCOAT 2015 will be the increasing automation of processes in aircraft coating: Stripping of airplanes via laser technology is only one example for effective new developments that will lead the way into a new era of faster maintenance processes and increased efficiency.

Four of many questions that will be answered at the IntAIRCOAT 2015:

  • How can automated processes increase efficiency and income?
  • What can OEM and MRO learn from other industries?
  • Which are the latest trends and developments in aircraft coatings?
  • How will REACH impact the coating processes of aircrafts?

Statements from our IntAIRCOAT Board Members

Dr. Jill E. Seebergh

Dr. Jill E. Seebergh
The Boeing Company, US

“IntAIRCOAT is an excellent forum for learning about the latest developments in aerospace coatings technology, including topics such as anti-icing coatings, laser-based methods for coating removal, and printed livery application processes. I am looking forward to engaging with the broad network of IntAIRCOAT attendees, which include coating suppliers, OEMs, airlines, and MROs, and participating in fruitful discussions of the material and process challenges and opportunities for the industry.”

René van den Hof

René van den Hof
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, NL

"I see IntAIRCOAT as a platform to extent my knowledge regarding aircraft painting, especially to develop innovations to make this process more lean and effective. When I return home, there are always new ideas in my mind to explore. A perfect time to see how others people from OEM’s, MRO’s and Airlines see problems and approach them from a different angle."

Dr. Volkmar Stenzel

Dr. Volkmar Stenzel
Fraunhofer Institute of Manufacturing Technology and Applied Materials, DE

"Currently aircraft-painting faces several challenges like the pressure for replacement of chromate, the need for automation, the need for functional surfaces and many others. Therefore, it is mandatory that the experts in this field meet regularly in order to interchange ideas and experiences. IntAIRCOAT is the best platform for this, because it brings people from all over the world together to that deal with these issues in their daily work. The presentations and discussions at IntAIRCOAT always bring up new ideas and partners. Therefore, it is a very valuable event for me and that's why I appreciate to have the opportunity to contribute to that conference."

International Networking Forum on Aircraft and Aerospace Coating 2013

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The conference is aimed at:

  • Paint shop management/planners
  • Divisional managers, department managers and strategic managers in Aircraft and Aerospace Coating industry
  • Suppliers and their service providers such as paint manufacturers, chemicals manufacturers, maintenance and repair providers, plant builders, and consultants.

International Advisory Board
Roman Beckmann Air Berlin, DE
Dr. Armin Fangmeier Airbus Operations, DE
Dr. Jill Seebergh The Boeing Company, US
Dr. Volkmar Stenzel Fraunhofer Institute of Manufacturing Technology and Applied Materials, DE
René van den Hof KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, NL
Frank Thiesen Lufthansa Technik, DE
Rolim Carmo Tap Air Portugal, PT
Professional Support: Hermann Bauer Maritime Aerospace AG, CH

Conference Programme Update!
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