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Technology, strategies and trends for aircraft coating

As a very demanding application, aircraft coating faces many challenges. The coating has to resist extreme climate changes and mechanical wear. At the same time there is an increasing demand for special effect coatings that can, for example, add fuel saving or anti-ice properties to the resistance of the surface layer. Another challenge is the application of the coatings. Innovative automation approaches are required here.

The IntAIRCOAT conference covers these and more relevant topics regarding aircraft coating including environmental aspects, non-chromated primers and surface treatments as well as maskless painting. Airline representatives, suppliers and aerospace manufacturers come together to discuss recent innovations and future developments.

Join us, start networking at IntAIRCOAT – the international stage for aircraft coating!

About the conference

The Networking forum IntAIRCOAT provides the most authoritative, efficient and influential forum for aircraft coating managers to shape the future of their technology. The biennial event provides a platform for experts to discuss the highly specific requirements in the area of aircraft coating and to share their knowledge in this field. It is attended by representatives from aircraft manufacturers, the various airlines, maintenance, repair and overhaul facilities as well as coatings manufacturers, machinery makers, and the field of research.

Benefit from:

  • Technical presentations by airlines, aircraft manufacturers, MRO’s, suppliers and institutes

  • Exhibitor’s Forum

  • Networking

  • Workshops

  • Guided Tour through painting facilities

Review 2019

What delegates say

“IntAIRCOAT is an excellent forum for learning about the latest developments in aerospace coatings technology, including topics such as anti-icing coatings, laser-based methods for coating removal, and printed livery application processes.”
Jill Seebergh_The Boeing CompanyDr. Jill E. Seebergh, The Boeing Company, US

“For us as research organisation with a focus on aviation-related subjects, the IntAIRCOAT is the most important conference when it comes to surfaces and coatings. The opportunity to meet the experts and decision makers from airliners, MRO-service providers, OEMs and paint manufacturers is very valuable for us. Therefore, I am looking forward to the IntAIRCOAT 2019 and to discussing the most relevant topics regarding coating technology for aircrafts.”

Stenzel_Volkmar_FraunhoferDr. Volkmar Stenzel, Fraunhofer Institute of Manufacturing Technology and Applied Materials, DE


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Advisory Board


Dr. Armin Fangmeier
Airbus Operations, DE

Jill Seebergh_The Boeing Company

Dr. Jill E. Seebergh
The Boeing Company, US


Dr. Volkmar Stenzel
Fraunhofer Institute of Manufacturing Technology and Applied Materials, DE


René van den Hof
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, NL