March 2021

Research for the surface

Representatives from the companies Safran, the Oerlikon Group, the CNRS and the University of Limoges recently signed a memorandum of understanding announcing the establishment of a joint research laboratory called PROTHEIS in Limoges and a technology platform called SAFIR. The two newly created facilities will specialize in surface treatment for [...]

Successful certification

The Israeli subsidiary of Bodo Möller Chemie has successfully passed the certification according to the ISO:9001 standard with the AS9120 extension for the aerospace industry. The quality management system meets strict international requirements for company processes and is applicable to consulting, marketing and sales of chemicals and non-metals for the [...]

December 2020

SwRI’s laser coating removal robot wins R&D 100 Award

Southwest Research Institute and XYREC have recently developed at robot-guided laser for the stripping of paints and other coatings from full-body aircrafts. This laser coating removal (LCR) robot was recognized by R&D World magazine as one of the 100 most significant innovations of 2020. The LCR is the only robotic [...]

Prize for environmentally friendly technology

Miba's sputtering technology was recently awarded the jury prize for radical innovation at the State Prize for Innovation in recognition of particularly outstanding achievements. The developed coating process leads to 15% less fuel consumption, 20% less noise and 15% less CO2 emissions in aircraft turbines. Thereby Miba`s sputter technology makes [...]

Touch-up pen for exterior and interior applications

Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings has recently launched “JetPen” a 2K fully reactive paint pen that delivers the same exceptional strength and crosslinked durability found in aircraft paint facilities, but with the application ease of using a pen. The new touch-up pen can be uses on aircraft exteriors and interior cabins at [...]

September 2020

Sacrificial Aluminium basecoats and sealcoats

„IP9183-R1 Ipcote Sacrificial Aluminium Basecoat” by Indestructible is part of a range of corrosion resistant coatings designed for use in challenging environments such as aero engines and components, power generation turbines and marine engines. It is applied by conventional spray for use on compressor blades, rotors, shafts and landing gear [...]

American Airlines applying virus-killing coating

American Airlines is upgrading its Clean Commitment by adding the electrostatic spraying solution “SurfaceWise2” from Allied BioScience to its multitiered cleaning and safety program in the coming months. The SurfaceWise2 solution is the first-ever long-lasting product to help fight the spread of the novel coronavirus that is approved by the [...]