Guided Tour 2019-04-25T11:00:49+00:00

Exclusive Guided Tour

through the Airbus coating facility in Hamburg Finkenwerder.

Airbus opens its doors

Welcome to the Airbus coating facility in Hamburg Finkenwerder, one of the leading European aerospace corporations. In a guided tour a day before the conference, the participants have the chance to experience aircraft coating first hand. The guided tour will take place in two paint shops. The first paint hangar has a floor area of 12,650 sqm and a capacity of up to four aircrafts (A318-A321). The second hangar offers an area of 22,365 sqm. It can host two aircrafts type A330, A350 or A380 at the same time.

Experts will answer your questions as they lead you through the facilities. Take the opportunity to visit both aircraft painting hangars in person!

Please note: The tour is fully booked.