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MONDAY, MAY 13, 2019

14.00 h
Meeting Point hotel lobby, Privathotel Lindtner Hamburg
Departure and Guided Tour: AIRBUS painting facilities in Hamburg Finkenwerder

17.30 h
Back in the hotel


18.00 h
Anti-microbial coating strategies for aircrafts and airports
Dr. Ralph Brückner, Hecosol GmbH, DE

18.25 h
The topics LED, digitization, automation, prints, seamless cabins are currently on everyone’s minds. Will there still be room for paint in future aircraft?
Stefan Jacob, Mankiewicz, DE

18.50 h
Advancing aircraft interior painting through the development of intura liquid and film coatings: approaches and challenges
Marc van der Geest, AkzoNobel, NL

19.15 h
Welcome get-together

TUESDAY, MAY 14, 2019

8.00 h
Registration and handover of conference materials

8.45 h
Welcome and introduction to the conference
Dr. Astrid Günther, IntAIRCOAT, DE

9.00 h
Overspray-free painting for automotive applications
Julia Holzapfel, Audi AG, DE


9.30 h
Intercoat adhesion test method by high pressure water jet
Luc Le-Blanc, Airbus Operations SAS, FR

10.00 h
Enabling thermoplastic composites: robust finishes and surface preparation methods
Karen A. Schultz, The Boeing Company, US

10.30 h
Coffee & Contacts
Poster Session: Aerial Job Platform, Serge Heinen, CTI Systems, LU

11.00 h
More to love – effect coating
Birgit Kuhlenschmidt, Airbus, DE; Katja Köster, PPG, DE

11.30 h
SAE AS7489 – standardizing aerospace coatings application specialist training & certification
Matt Thomas, CFan, SAE, US

12.00 h
Laser depainting: evaluation of the efficiency of laser ablation for the removal of aerospace coatings
Kady Gregersen, The Boeing Company, US

12.30 h Lunch
Poster Session: Hydro- and omniphobic coatings with anti-insect accumulation functionality for aeronautics, Dr. Rosalina Pérez, Ceramic Coating, ES


13.30 h
Workshops headed by IntAIRCOAT Board members
Participants will have the chance to attend two workshops, change after 25 min.

A) Automation
Moderator: René van den Hof, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, NL

B) Functional coatings for performance improvement
Moderator: Dr. Volkmar Stenzel, Fraunhofer Institute of Manufacturing Technology and Applied Materials, DE

C) Chromate free coating
Moderator: Dr. Jill E. Seebergh, The Boeing Company, US

D) Maskless painting / effect painting
Moderator: Dr. Armin Fangmeier, Airbus Operations, DE


14.30 h
Novel approach for the manufacturing of functional riblets for drag reduction
Dr. Tobias Dyck, 4JET microtech GmbH, DE

15.00 h
The laser coating removal robot, public announcement of availability of series
Peter Boeijink, XYREC B.V., NL

15.30 h
Coffee & Contacts
Poster Session: Pre-treatment study for protection of Al 7000 and Al 2000 series alloys used in aeronautic applications, Dr. Rosalina Pérez, Ceramic Coating, ES

16.00 h
Robot programming using virtual reality – a paradigm shift
Pelle Andersson, RobNor AB, SE

16.30 h
Infrared curing: applications for the air-craft – industry
Stefan Wollenweber, IWT, DE

17.00 h
End of day 1
Poster Session: Coating with Nitrogen, Emeline Lumeau, Eurosider, IT

17.45 h
Departure for Networking Night, Elbe and harbor cruise
Experience Hamburg from the water. The ship will take you past the picturesque banks of the Elbe, the container port, docks and the Hamburg city silhouette. Enjoy the evening with good food and drinks in a relaxed atmosphere and network with your international peers.


8.30 h
Presentation of workshop results
René van den Hof, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, NL;
Dr. Volkmar Stenzel, IFAM, DE;
Dr. Jill Seebergh, The Boeing Company, US;
Dr. Armin Fangmeier, Airbus Operations, DE


9.00 h
REACh – Where are we – an update
Dr. Armin Fangmeier, Airbus Operations, DE

9.30 h
The path to chrome-free paint scheme for aerospace applications
Dr. Mikhail Khudiakov, Dr. Eric Morris, PPG, US

10.00 h
Coffee and Contacts

10.30 h
New test methods to evaluate corrosion on aluminum aircraft
Dr. Jill Seebergh, The Boeing Company, US

11.00 h
Efficient and sustainable wastewater treatment with vacuum distillation
Thomas Dotterweich, H2O, DE


11.30 h
Drag reducing riblet surfaces – newest insights in application and test methods for certification in commercial aviation
Andreas Flanschger, Bionic Surface Technologies, AT

12.00 h
Are today‘s primers too brittle for modern substrates like composites?
Dr. Gesa Patzelt, IFAM, DE; Gunnar Hansen, Mankiewicz, DE

12.30 h

13.30 h
Trivalent chromium passivation – enhancement of the layer formation by surface active substances
Peter Volk, Surtec Deutschland GmbH, DE

14.00 h
Coatings for protection of industrial components against ice formation
Maria Rodriguez Gude, FIDAMC, ES

14.30 h
Tuning graphene lab to industry, chrome free surface treatment
Siva Bohm, Talga Technologies, GB

15.00 h
Farewell and end of conference
Dr. Astrid Günther, IntAIRCOAT, DE

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