Coating protection

The health complete solution GmbH has developed an electrostatic spraying process that allows to cover all sorts of surfaces with special inorganic substances to inhibit germ settling. The substances are harmless to human beings while germs, mould and bacteria die of contact.

Dr. Ralph Brückner, Head of Research and Development, sees opportunities for a sensible application in all areas of an aircraft, for example in the air condition system, the kitchen or at the armrests of passenger seats. “The active substance is a metal oxide suspension. It is applied to the surfaces via electrostatic spraying. After the application the coating is at least functional for a year,” Dr. Brückner explains. In a next step the German researchers are working on a solution to integrate the active substances into a coating lattice. Thereby the durability and hence the effectiveness of the anti-microbiological coating will be enhanced.

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