Darkside Scientific and Airbus create electroluminiscent exterior markings for aircraft

’LumiLor’ is the world`s first and only patented electroluminescent paint. The product allows manufacturers to design with light in ways previously impossible. It produces a single-color light that is visible at long distances and shines through many types of atmospheric conditions such as fog, snow and smoke. Unlike many light [...]

First E-Coat system for aerospace industry

PPG and Air Tractor announce the first electrocoat primer system for full-scale original-equipment aircraft parts manufacturing in the aerospace industry. The two companies recently hosted aerospace industry representatives, elected officials, Air Tractor dealers, and PPG executives to celebrate the launch and showcase a first look at the system at the [...]

Coating protection

The health complete solution GmbH has developed an electrostatic spraying process that allows to cover all sorts of surfaces with special inorganic substances to inhibit germ settling. The substances are harmless to human beings while germs, mould and bacteria die of contact. Dr. Ralph Brückner, Head of Research and Development, [...]

New Presentation Videos

There are further videos from the IntAIRCOAT conference 2017 available for you: Progress in development of chromate free paint systems Airbus Operations GmbH Impact of surface preparation on the corrosion performance of exterior decorative coating systems The Boeing Company Development of icephobic materials – Progress, testing, and challenges Fraunhofer Institute [...]