First E-Coat system for aerospace industry

PPG and Air Tractor announce the first electrocoat primer system for full-scale original-equipment aircraft parts manufacturing in the aerospace industry. The two companies recently hosted aerospace industry representatives, elected officials, Air Tractor dealers, and PPG executives to celebrate the launch and showcase a first look at the system at the Air Tractor agricultural manufacturing facilities in Olney, Texas.

The quality and coverage of the electrocoated parts’ finish is superior to the chromated pre-treatment and spray primer process. Instead of primer being sprayed onto the part, the traditional method, the part is dipped into an electrically charged tank of primer. Electrocoating maximizes paint adhesion and provides a superior edge and surface finish with precise and consistent film thickness.

“PPG is proud to partner with Air Tractor for this important accomplishment that will help drive the use of this innovative paint and coatings technology in the aerospace industry,” said Michael McGarry, PPG chairman and CEO. “We have opened a new chapter in aviation manufacturing, and we look forward to the industry benefitting from the protection that e-coat technologies have provided in other industries for more than 50 years.”

The new three-story, 6,600-square-foot (≈ 613 m2) facility encloses the electrocoat system and includes an automated parts rack hoist, ten 5,000-gallon (≈ 18.900 l) immersion tanks, cure ovens and a reverse osmosis water treatment system. The racking system supports 3,000 different-sized and -shaped airplane parts.

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