Hardide Coatings has been awarded funding for two projects from the National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Program (“NATEP”), a 16,3 million Euro aerospace initiative program. The first project is the development of a grinding and super-finish technology for the Hardide-A coating. This project is supported by Airbus, Perfect Bore Manufacturing Ltd. And Engis Ltd. The second project focuses on the processing of an ultra-low temperature coating that will increase the range of aerospace substrate materials suitable for the Hardide coating process. Airbus, Leonardo Helicopters are end-users and Perfect Bore and Westmoreland Laboratories are support partners. Both projects commence on the first of September this yeare and will each take 18 months to complete. Philip Kirkham, CEO of Hardide Coatings commented: “These grant awards were made after a rigorous application process and we will be working closely on the projects with our end-user customers. Both projects have the potential to expand significantly Hardide Coating’s aerospace business, widening the range of aircraft components and substrate materials suitable for our coating technology.”

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