We released the first videos from the IntAIRCOAT conference in 2019 for you:

  • Anti-microbial coating strategies for aircrafts and airports
    Hecosol GmbH
  • The topics LED, digitization, automation, prints, seamless cabins are currently on everyone’s minds. Will there still be room for paint in future aircraft?
    Mankiewicz Gebr. & CO. (GmbH & Co. KG)
  • Advancing aircraft interior painting through the development of intura liquid and film coatings: approaches and challenges
    Akzo Nobel N.V.
  • Intercoat adhesion test method by high pressure water jet
    Airbus Operations SAS
  • Enabling thermoplastic composites: robust finishes and surface preparation methods
    The Boeing Company
  • Trivalent chromium passivation – enhancement of the layer formation by surface active substances
    Surtec Deutschland GmbH
  • SAE AS7489 – standardizing aerospace coatings application specialist training & certification
  • Laser depainting: evaluation of the efficiency of laser ablation for the removal of aerospace coatings
    The Boeing Company

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