The German start-up Dyphox has developed a coating system that works on both dry and wet surfaces. Its effectiveness in practical use was proven by a field study conducted by the University Hospital of Regensburg. The function of Dyphox is based on the principle of photodynamics: if a doctor’s practice or hospital coats a surface with Dyphox, the energy of the room light creates a thin layer of activated oxygen on it. It remains approximately one millimeter above the surface and destroys all microorganisms there. This purely physical process is completely harmless to humans. The Dyphox coating can be applied subsequently and remains effective for up to a year.

The start-up is currently also helping in the fight against the corona pandemic: the technology helps to reduce the germ load in hospitals and thus makes an important contribution to the protection of staff and patients. Outside hospitals, the technology is already being used in office buildings and public transport. Numerous other applications are planned, including the coating of surfaces in aircraft, catering and food technology.

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Image: Piro4D/Pixabay